Dimagi's 2019 Jen Harlow Award Winners Announced

As the days drew closer to May 13th, 2019 the teams across all Dimagi offices waited in anticipation for the winners of the Jen Harlow Memorial Awards for Team Impact to be announced. The awards were created in honor of Jen, to recognize and reward the impact employees bring to their teams through support and development.

Jennifer (Jen) Harlow’s enduring legacy, is testimony to the exceptional individual she was. A gifted mind, who sadly was taken away too soon,  Jen passed away on May 13, 2018.  Jen played a critical role in some of Dimagi South Africa’s biggest projects, including leading the design of an application destined to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes for people in rural Ethiopia on one of Dimagi’s larger projects at the time of her passing. Testimony to what the awards underscore, her team worked together, despite the circumstances, to honor her, by completing what needed to be done on the projects.

We wanted to hear directly from the teams on the candidates that they felt have gone above and beyond in the projects they worked on and also the impact each individual had made in support of the team and therefore, the nominees were selected by the teams across all Dimagi offices. We wanted to create a platform to hear about the amazing things people have been doing and to share these with everyone at Dimagi. The influx of inspiring stories coming through were incredible and testimony to the caliber of people we work with, which made the assessment process challenging but inspiring for the judges.  Though we had to choose winners, the honor of being nominated, cannot be emphasized enough.  The winners were announced to all Dimagi offices on May 13th, 2019.  Jen’s family shared their appreciation for the memorial, which effectively makes them honorary lifetime members of Dimagi.

The 2019 Jen Harlow Memorial Award for Team Impact winners are:

Clifford Hakimi-Khiabani, Dimagi South Africa

Jordan Levinson, Dimagi South Africa

Gaël de Mondragon, Dimagi South Africa

Codou Ndiaye, Dimagi Senegal

Making an impact is not always about big people doing big things. It’s also the little moments where we stop and give a few minutes of ourselves to others. ​Jen lived her life in absolute fullness. She was passionate, very hands-on, and quick to assist others whether they were part of the project she was working on or not. She made everyone around her better at their jobs. The work and the lives she touched will forever remain impacted. These awards will take place annually on May 13th, as a remembrance of Jen’s work and for us to pause, acknowledge the work we do and the impact we have on each other.



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