Dimagi West Africa

Jessica Long

Technical Project Manager

About Jessica Long

Jessica comes to Dakar by way of San Francisco. She met her San Francisco roommates in a philosophy club, and looks forward to the day she can be equally grandstanding about her social circle in Dakar.

Jessica graduated from Stanford University with a BS in symbolic systems and an MS in computer science. Her studies focused on cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing. Her summers ranged from researching machine learning at Microsoft Research Asia and Rosetta Stone to vacillating over whether to allow Stanford math camp counselors to use super soakers on students who missed curfew.

After graduating, Jessica split her time between NGOs and tech start-ups. Jessica lived in a hospital in rural Burundi for a year and a half, managing an EMR, training staff in computer skills, and streamlining procurement. She watched Airbnb become a household name during her years as a software engineer there. And at a small AI start-up, Idibon, Jessica led a collaborative project with UNICEF’s U-Report program.

Jessica is honored to be a part of Dimagi’s conscientious, talented, and thoughtful team building better tools for under-resourced service providers. She thoroughly enjoys exploring West Africa, and, in particular, Dakar. Jessica has studied five disparate non-English languages (French, Mandarin Chinese, Kirundi, Spanish, and Wolof), but speaks only French well enough to start a philosophy club in. Quelle chance!