Dimagi Americas

Robyn Craig

Senior Proposal Manager, USH

About Robyn Craig

Robyn is a proposal manager at Dimagi. Prior to her work at Dimagi, she worked in sales for both Homeless Management Information Systems and case management for justice agencies. Never expecting to find herself involved in tech, she has embraced that data is a part of her life and has developed a passion for providing tools to affect change. Her bleeding heart has led to her Dimagi where she is excited to work for a company focused on social impact. A perfect fit! Robyn has a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Boise State University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Utah State University. She is a Utah native who often spends time in the mountains and enjoys time outside and if asked (and sometimes not), she will endlessly talk about the unmet beauty of her home state. Robyn considers herself a perpetual student and a true crime junkie, so podcasts and audiobooks are a must while hiking, bridging her two passions. If not outside, Robyn can be found snuggling her dogs and sending videos of them laying around to her friends.