Dimagi USA

Meryn Robinson

Project Manager

About Meryn Robinson

Meryn joins the Dimagi team as a Research Coordinator after completing her Master of Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health. Previously Meryn attended Penn State where she received her Bachelor of Science in the Life Sciences and minors in health policy administration, science technology and society, and bioethics and medical humanities. At Penn State Meryn was able to work on a project through the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship program, where she had the opportunity to join a team that was implementing a telemedicine system in rural Kenya. This work inspired her passion for global health and for learning more about the impact social entrepreneurship companies can have on global health. Working on an assessment project in Ethiopia for her BUSPH practicum the summer before she joined Dimagi solidified her confidence in wanting to focus on how socially conscious for-profit companies can collaborate and serve low-income and underserved communities.

Originally from Rochester, NY, Meryn enjoys fall, grocery shopping at Wegmans, being on a horse, walking dogs, talking about Wegmans, and seeing how people react when she tells them she doesn’t like chocolate.