Dimagi USA

Jensen Daniel

Project Manager

About Jensen Daniel

Jensen loves food. Not only is it a delicious biological necessity, it is a universal language, and a vehicle of personal and cultural expression.

Jensen is joining Dimagi Inc.’s US office after two years in India, where he supported several of Dimagi’s large scale Global Services implementations in India, Myanmar, and Nepal. After graduating with a very pertinent B.A in English literature, Jensen served for 2.5 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa, serving in Guinea as a public health educator, and moving on to serve in Senegal, focusing on country-wide promotion of government efforts in malaria prevention and elimination, which included collaboration on an mHealth deployment with Dimagi’s Dakar office.

Other non-food interests include learning languages, overanalyzing, writing, hip-hop, lifting, alternative electronic music, cartoons, and meeting and conversing with animals (mostly dogs). He is a native English speaker who also speaks French, Spanish, and rudimentary Malayalam and Pulaar.