Dimagi India

Parul Goyal

Senior Project Manager

About Parul Goyal

Parul is an experienced business management and strategy professional, passionate about social impact innovations. She joined Dimagi’s Global Tech Division as an Associate Director of Engineering and moved to the Global Services Division in India as Senior Manager- Projects due to her inclination and expertise in Govt. client handling and eagerness to move closer to what she believes creates ‘Impact’. She is enthusiastic about the work as it brings together technology and public sector governance and subsequently ‘making an impact’. She comes to Dimagi with a background in Engineering and MBA and extensive experience of around 8- 9 years of handling Government clients in India and Middle East for technology implementation and strategy making. She has a wide range of experience of working with different ministries in India during her stint at PwC, Infosys, Wipro and TCS. Among other things, Parul enjoys practising aerobics, doing handwriting analysis and playing games with friends and family.