Dimagi India

Gayatri Jayal

Senior Project Manager

About Gayatri Jayal

Gayatri comes to Dimagi with an interest in using Dimagi’s tools to increase access to healthcare and education for under-served communities in India and around the world. At Dimagi, Gayatri works on projects that are focused on gender-based violence prevention, family planning, intrapartum care and others.

Prior to Dimagi, Gayatri was a project manager at Hippocampus Learning Centres, a social enterprise in Bangalore. At HLC, Gayatri worked on developing and rolling out a low-cost Math program to villages in northern Karnataka. Her interest in delivering services to low-income communities stems from a year spent in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa where she taught at a high school for girls in the village of Raleqheka.

Gayatri grew up in New Delhi and has a B.A. in Economics from Grinnell College. She is excited to be back in Delhi and travel across the country as a field manager for Dimagi.