Dimagi India

Aparna Raj

Associate Technical Field Manager

About Aparna Raj

The world is full of good people and the density of them around me is higher than average. This statement is Aparna’s guiding star. She has a passion for creating something new and everlasting. She has a strong affinity towards public health and technology and a medley of these two keeps her on her toes. She worked with CARE India in Bihar (one of the poorest states of India) for nearly four years. Through her work with she gained an extensive exposure of rural India. She talks better in the language of numbers otherwise she prefers to keep quiet. After working with she has joined Dimagi as Technical field manager to further sculpt of her dream. Apart from her current assignment she spends a fair share of her time discovering herself through meditation, travelling and journaling. She loves heights and so bungee jumping is a quarterly (in thoughts) and annual (in reality) thing for her.