Dimagi India

Akshay Menon

Senior Field Manager

About Akshay Menon

Akshay hails from the beautiful south Indian state of Kerala, and identifies himself as a wannabe writer/comic artist who is obsessed with maps and making lists. He jugs down copious amounts of coffee every day, and is a huge proponent of mountains over beaches. He recently started running marathons, and is a proud bicycle owner, on which he zooms around the city braving killer buses and sultry weather.

Prior to joining Dimagi, Akshay used to work as a consultant at PwC, where he primarily dabbled in data analytics. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani, where he developed a device for automating the malaria detection process using computer vision.

Akshay is super pumped to work as a Senior Field Manager at Dimagi, which is a perfect confluence of his interests in development, public health, and technology. What excites him most is the opportunity to travel around, implementing cool technologies aimed at improving human lives.