Dimagi India

Akansha Jha

SaaS Operations Analyst

About Akansha Jha

Akansha was born and brought up in Nepal. She moved to Delhi for her undergraduate in 2014. After studying commerce for 3 years from Delhi University, she worked in audit with Ernst and Young for about 1.5 years. However, she felt that the job that she was doing was not within the social sphere and she wanted to do something meaningful. So, she joined Dimagi with an aim to make an impact, even if its in the slightest way possible. She is absolutely in love with the culture, the people and the work. She believe that sales lets a person see and appreciate what happens in the sharp end of an organisation. When she is not working, she is  probably re-watching friends for the 6745th time. She enjoy watching documentaries and of course eating. The fact that she can eat anything and everything says a lot about her as a person.