Dimagi Africa

Olivia Soule

Project Analyst

About Olivia Soule

Olivia is a Project Analyst at Dimagi West Africa. She brings three years of experience in global health to Dimagi and has a degree in Sociology and French from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Before Dimagi, she worked as a public health researcher with a Senegalese NGO on topics such as female genital cutting, children’s nutrition, and women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. In 2019, she conducted a mixed-methods study in Dakar that examined access to sexual and reproductive health care services for Senegalese women with physical motor disabilities, and she hopes to publish this work and shed more light on the stories told by the research participants. She is interested in the racial, economic, geographic, disability-based, and gender-based dynamics and disparities that affect people’s access to universal standards of equity and health care, as well as the effect that social networks have on individuals’ health decisions. Through designing mobile health technologies and solutions at Dimagi, she hopes to make positive social change and impact in the world.