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Yomila Simões - Dimagi

Always in pursuit of joy and growth, Yomila has managed to integrate her passion for art into her
commitment to community development and social work quite a few times over the last five to
six years. Before joining Dimagi, she got the chance to work with a prominent feminist magazine
and one of the most groundbreaking feminist networks in Mozambique, both times in the media
and communications department. While she thrives when it comes to being creative, her most
meaningful experience is linked to urban mobility and youth leadership. Accessibility, climate
justice, public transportation, children rights and sustainability are some of the key fields she
worked with as a Research Assistant all the way to Project Manager. Having now the platform to continue to do meaningful work on a much larger scale as a Senior
Project Analyst, her priority is to keep learning, working with a supportive and talented team and
finding effective tools to employ what she already knows with what is needed in order to make a
long lasting impact. It’s also very important to know that she’s a big fan of the show Adventure



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