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Ahmad Vazirna - Dimagi

Ahmad is professionally driven by working on projects that have a direct positive impact on people’s lives and empowering young people with knowledge that can be used to change their lives, knowledge that can drive them to think outside the box and consequently create sustainable growth.
He comes to Dimagi as a Senior Field Manager after having worked for more than a decade at the Computer Center of the University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo where he participated in projects with NGO’s, Government Entities and Private Companies in various contexts, from criminal records to presidential elections, and wearing different “hats” such as Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Designer and Project Manager. He also has experience teaching software engineering classes and as an independent IT consultant working on projects related to School Management, Traffic Fines, Supply Chain, Stock Management, POS and CMS in Mozambique. He holds bachelor and postgraduate degrees in Computer Science from University Eduardo Mondlane.
In his free time, Ahmad enjoys cycling, reading (especially historical non-fiction), camping, hiking, going to the beach, dancing, singing karaoke (badly), playing sports and being with family and friends. He looks forward to his work with Dimagi and making a difference, which he believes is the “juice of life”.



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