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Next Steps: The next major milestones for ADM are report standardization and automation.  All CommCare projects have slight differences, but the concept of mobile CHWs managing clients and submitting forms remains an underlying congruence.  We want to standardize the metrics to enable a level of autonomy.  So, we’re currently testing our report prototypes with partners in India, Africa, and the Middle East.  Through an iterative process, we have started to refine our prototypes to respond to project manager feedback.

Once we validate our approach, we want to automate it.  We plan to automatically generate and disseminate our reports on a weekly and/or monthly basis.  To accommodate different goals from project to project, we’ve started designing a user configurable report builder.  The report builder is designed around a simplified user interaction and focuses on a low number of inputs about the metrics a particular project manager value’s and associated metric targets.

I recently posted about our ADM initiative on a Google Group of ICT contributors.  This post and discussion that follows can be found here:





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