The World’s Most Powerful Mobile App Builder Just Got a Lot More Powerful

As of today, you can officially use Zapier to connect CommCare to hundreds of other applications.

Why are we excited?

With the Zapier integration, CommCare just went from a mobile app that can manage data really well to a mobile app that can manage data really well and do anything else. Zapier unlocks the door to almost any workflow you can dream up. When combined with CommCare’s flexibility, it is a match made in integration heaven.

Here are a few of the applications you can connect with CommCare now:

Credit: Zapier

So how can you use Zapier to improve how you use and share CommCare data with your team?

Let’s talk through a few examples…


CommCare and Google Sheets

One killer application is Google Sheets. Currently, if you want to sync your CommCare data to Google Sheets you have to manually download an Excel file and upload it back to Google. Keeping things in sync with this workflow can be challenging.

Now, with Zapier, you just set up your app to sync to Google Sheets and the data will get updated in place — automatically and instantly. Imagine how much time that can save you over the long run! You can read more about the Google Sheets integration on our help site.

Zapier + CommCare Integration (Google Sheets)

Image Credit: Zapier

Zapier makes syncing CommCare to Google Sheets a breeze.


CommCare and Salesforce

Does your company use Salesforce? You can now set up a zap between CommCare and Salesforce to streamline your data reporting process. Instead of creating a new case or account and updating the information in Salesforce manually, you can now pull this information into Salesforces directly from a CommCare form.

For example, an organization that uses Salesforce as its central database for patient records, can now automatically update Salesforce records when a Community Health Worker (CHW) collects data in a CommCare form on their mobile device. This ensures patient data is up-to-date when health workers, or monitoring and evaluation officers, are reviewing and analyzing data in Salesforce.

Image Credit: Zapier

CommCare and MySQL

Another awesome application you can integrate with is MySQL. At the moment, getting your data into an SQL database is time consuming. After downloading your data from CommCare, you either need to perform some manual manipulation of data before uploading the file to your database, or you can use our Data Export tool, which requires a bit of setup.

With Zapier, you can sync specific properties from your CommCare forms and cases directly to your MySQL database. This means you can start managing and analyzing your data as it is submitted, in real time!

Image Credit: Zapier

These are just a few of the hundreds of applications you can connect with the CommCare + Zapier integration. Check out the full list here!


How can you get started?

First, you’ll need a paid CommCare plan. The Zapier Integration is available to CommCare users with a Standard Plan or higher. For more details, see our CommCare software plans.

You’ll also want to check to see if the application you want to connect with CommCare is listed as a free or premium Zapier feature in the Zapbook directory. From the examples above, Google Sheets is a free integration, while Salesforce and MySQL are considered premium features. If you require a premium feature, check out the Zapier pricing plans.

From here, you’re ready to set-up the CommCare + Zapier integration. For step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the Zapier integration, take a look at this document on our help site. You can also read through the instructions on Zapier’s help site for more information on how to connect with Salesforce and MySQL, as well as any other integration you want to connect with CommCare.

Thanks for reading and happy integrating!



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