Panel at HBS Africa Business Conference

February 23, 2009

I recently spoke on a panel at Harvard Business School at the Africa Business Conference.  The conference had a very good mix of attendees, with many students and many folks from industry.  Interestingly, during the panel, there were many questions comparing the US Healthcare IT issues to developing settings scenarios that we responded to.  After the panel, Mina Hsiang, the panel organizer and a student at HBS, raised a very interesting point: Experts can talk with credibility about capital markets and access to capital as the developed world has set up a functional, efficient system (although that appears to be up for debate more recently).  However, particularly in the US, we can’t claim to have done a good job with the US healthcare system and healthcare delivery.  Therefore trying to determine the similarities or models from the US that could be translated to developing settings could be an ill-advised approach.

Written by
Jonathan Jackson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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