October's CommCare Update: New data cleaning and workforce tracking features

Welcome to the October CommCare update! This month we are announcing two new features to help you better organize mobile workers, as well as a feature to help keep your HQ data clean. Check them out below!

– Amelia & the CommCare team

User Case Management

With User Case Management, you can now track data about CommCare mobile workers over time in the same that you would monitor a client’s data through case tracking.


User Case Management in CommCareHQ.

User Case Management enables many workflows, including:

  • Tracking statistics per mobile worker, like number of referrals given or high-risk pregnancies
  • Creating unique IDs for new cases
  • Tailoring application workflows based on what a user last did. For example, you can now direct users to a “survey” form only after they have completed a “check-in” form

User Case Management is available in the Standard plan and above. Learn more about User Case Management on the CommCare Help Site.


Our new Organizations feature allows you to assign mobile workers to organizational units, helping simplify reporting and case sharing.

By creating real world structures o your project in CommCare, it’s easier to link mobile workers to a supervisor, supervisors to a facility or office, etc. This allows CommCare to be smarter about functionality such as case sharing, removing the need for you to create complicated case sharing groups.


The Organizations feature is available in the Standard plan and above. Learn more about Organizations on the CommCare Help Site.

Data Management

Pain point: you (1) know data in a form submission is test data or the answer to a particular question is inaccurate, (2) accidentally have duplicate cases, or (3) you need to clean your data.

Solution: CommCare’s Data Management tool keeps your HQ data on a clean master data set – minimizing cleaning operations in Excel or other data analysis tools.


  • Archive Form Submissions: You can use our bulk archiver to archive all your test submissions from training or application testing. Or use the “archive” button on a single form when you view it on HQ.
  • Edit Form Submissions: If a form is mostly correct except for one or two questions, you don’t have to throw the whole form away. Click the “Edit Form Submission” button to enter a form edit mode and change the answers to specific questions on the web.

Data Management tools are available on the Pro plan and above. You can learn more about Data Management on the CommCare Help Site.

Want to see these new features in action? Request a demo below and we’ll be happy to show them to you!

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