Introducing Our New, More Advanced Messaging Features

CommCare's new messaging features

As the programs using CommCare continue to grow, we are always looking for ways to improve the features we offer. And not only do these features have to improve the experience for the end users, but they have to scale to the size of even our largest projects.

We are excited to announce a set of new messaging features is now available to all projects on a Pro plan or higher. These updates will ensure that our messaging features work reliably on even the largest projects and offer more complex rule criteria and scheduling options.

You can combine these features for brand new experiences for your end users. Schedule appointment reminders for specific users depending on location, age, or any other criteria. Follow up with patients who received treatment to solicit feedback on their experience. Set up messages for any circumstances and rest assured they will reach your intended audience.

Here is a quick summary of this new functionality:


Scheduling Options

The messaging interface has been updated to be more consistent with the other notification and alert options in CommCare. Now, you have more control over when messages are sent, with new weekly and monthly scheduling options.

CommCare's new scheduling options for SMS messages

Here, you can see the scheduling options have been expanded for messages.


Rule Criteria

Make sure messages are sent precisely when you want them with new, more complex rule criteria. Define any combination of case properties to decide when your messages are sent, and to whom.

CommCare's new rules criteria for SMS message notifications

Here, a message will be sent whenever a household matches the criteria for a red scorecard.


Learn More

For more information on our new messaging features and how to set them up for yourself, check out this page or reach out to



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