How to Leverage Dimagi’s Support Channels

Have you ever experienced a bug that breaks your application? Are you running into errors that you don’t know how to solve? Do you have a dream app in mind, but are struggling to put it together? Whether you are a first-time CommCare app builder, advanced technical user, or mobile worker, the CommCare support team is here to set you up for success!

Depending on your software plan, we have a variety of available support channels. These include a large documentation library, a series of online learning courses, and direct email support with team members dedicated to solving issues as quickly as possible.

In addition to our current support channels, we are excited to announce the migration of our CommCare User Forum from Google Group to Discourse on Tuesday, December 12th!

Scroll down to learn more about this migration and the other support channels available to you.


Big News: CommCare User Forum Migration from Google Groups to Discourse

We are excited to announce that our CommCare User Forum has outgrown the Google Groups mailing list. On Tuesday, December 12th we will move all accounts and messages to a new Discourse forum. Discourse will still send messages to your email inbox, but will make participating in this community easier and even more fun. You can find all of Discourse’s features here.

This migration will occur for our CommCare Users, CommCare Developers, CommCare Usarios, and CommCare Utilisateurs groups. Once the migration occurs, the previous groups will become read-only and will include directions on how to build your new Discourse profile.

We are excited about this change as it is a testament to the active and collaborative nature of our CommCare community.



The CommCare Help Site

Our CommCare help site is an extensive resource for all of our users. It includes, among many other things:


Online Learning Resources

If you’re looking to build new skills or simply refresh your memory, there are many online learning resources available to you. These resources help low to mid-level app builders become comfortable with their skills to build apps that make a difference.

  • We have three CommCare learning tracks: Application Building, Project Coordination, and Technical Support for users looking to bolster their skills in a particular area. Learning tracks are a collection of written guides on our help site that support our users to reach specific learning objectives.
  • We also have a comprehensive online course, The Dimagi Academy. This is a series of self-paced short courses used to evaluate an individual’s knowledge of CommCare. Some of these courses are available in English as well as Spanish and French.


The Support Team

On an ever-evolving and improving platform, we are bound to encounter a few pesky bugs. Although we try our best to prevent these from occurring, if you find a bug, we are here to help and keep you moving!

There are a number of ways to reach the support team for help. The simplest way to reach us is through the “Report an Issue” button on CommCare HQ.

After submitting a short questionnaire on the nature of the issue, this will automatically create a ticket for us to review and work on immediately! The type of support you receive may depend on your software plan, but we work hard to resolve bugs for all customers.

If you unable to log in you can always contact us directly by emailing In this instance, we still recommend you follow the Bug Reports guide to give us the best chance to solve your issue as quickly as possible.

Besides reporting bugs, if you have a question, concern, or feedback on how we can improve the platform, all our users are more than welcome to email our team. We love hearing from CommCare users.

Happy app building!



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