Dr. Lesh Lectures on Mobile Health Technologies at UC Berkeley

August 29, 2008

On Tuesday, September 2nd, Dr. Neal Lesh will be presenting a guest lecture about the use of mobile technologies in health care at UC Berkley.

The lecture will be held from 4-5 PM in South Hall 110.


It is increasingly possible to apply computer innovation to improve aspects of health care delivery in low-income countries. In this talk, I will discuss opportunities for computer science in global health, reporting on the last few years I have spent working in Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and South Africa on a variety of health delivery projects. These include electronic patient record systems for public AIDS treatment programs, PDAs to guide health workers step-by-step through medical treatment algorithms, and simple solutions to improve the management of blood tests and other laboratory data.  I will describe recent work to develop systems to assist community health workers manage their day and household visits.

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