Dimagi's Mohini Bhavsar Talks About Using CommCare to Combat Gender-Based Violence

January 25, 2014

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Last month, Dimagi India’s Mohini Bhavsar was invited to speak at the Wilson Center about how Dimagi’s technology is being used to help people identify, treat, track, and reduce gender-based violence in India. The talk was part of a panel held at the Wilson Center in DC entitled “Gender-Based Violence and Innovative Technologies: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations.”

During her presentation, Mohini discussed Dimagi’s experience developing a CommCare mobile application that helps counselors interact with victims of gender-based violence. “The counselors have to be very receptive to the response of the survivor, and so you don’t necessarily want to build a system that’s very automated,” explained Bhavsar.

Watch Mohini’s presentation from the Wilson Center, or read her presentation slides here.

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