Dimagi Academy Gets a New Course: CommCare Calculations!

Dimagi Academy, our online learning resource, first launched with the CommCare Fundamentals and CommCare Application Building courses. Its goal was to guide you through the basic skills needed to design and build CommCare applications. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our newest course: CommCare Calculations! 

This interactive course will guide you through a series of tutorials and practice exercises that will equip you with the skills you need to build complex calculations into your own CommCare applications.

Have you ever wanted to improve the quality of the data your program is collecting in CommCare, while reducing the burden of the data analysis process? Have you ever wondered what the coalesce() function actually does? Are you hoping to improve your app testing efficiency? This brand new course will teach you about all of these and more.

CommCare Calculations builds on many of the lessons introduced in the CommCare Application building and CommCare Fundamentals courses by providing a high-level overview of key concepts and following with a series of example calculation problems to test your knowledge. The course encourages users to try out their calculations in their own test application before reviewing the answers in written and video format within the course.

You can also practice using some of the most useful functions in CommCare (including hidden values), evaluate conditions using “if” statements, and explore CommCare’s built-in debugging tools.

The course follows a simple question/solution format: 



CommCare Calculations is accessible to all levels of CommCare app builders, but we do recommend completing the CommCare Fundamentals and App Building courses first. If you are interested in exploring Dimagi Academy’s brand new course, along with any of our other tutorials, please click here to get started!



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