December CommCare Update: All About Messaging!

Welcome to the December CommCare update!

While most of our users build mobile apps with CommCare, did you know that CommCare also supports SMS, email, and IVR messaging? CommCare messaging can be used on its own or integrated right into your mobile application, enabling you to send targeted messaging to cases you are tracking. This month, we’re excited to announce a brand new set of messaging tools in CommCare! Read about them below, and if you want to learn more about using messaging in CommCare, click here.

– Sheel & the CommCare Team

Email Messaging

You can now send alerts and reminders emails to mobile worker and beneficiaries through CommCare. When setting up a reminder or broadcast survey, you can choose to send an email instead of an SMS.  You can add an email directly for a mobile worker, and details on saving email addresses to cases is available here.

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This feature is available in the Standard plan and above. 

Messaging Status Reports

CommCare’s new status reports monitor your messaging projects and identify surveys and messages that are in progress, completed or have an error.  This should make it easier to figure out who’s actually receiving your messages and what is causing messages to fail sending.

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This feature is available in the Standard plan and above. 

SMS Chat

Pain point: You’re managing a CommCare messaging project, and want to communicate quickly with a small group of message recipients. Problem is that your phone is far away.

Solution: You can now chat in real-time with your mobile workers and cases! Use the Chat option in the Messaging tab to find a contact and initiate a two-way SMS based chat. This feature is available in the Pro plan and above. 


Want to see these new features in action? Request a demo below and we’ll be happy to show them to you!

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