CommCare Projects Featured in the USAID mHealth Compendium vol. 5

Since November 2012, USAID has published mHealth compendiums that highlight mHealth projects primarily in Africa.  Dimagi and CommCare were featured in 5  case studies in the fifth and most recent mHealth compendium. Organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, John Snow International, Intrahealth, and Project Concern International have implemented CommCare projects across a wide range of areas, from supporting maternal and newborn child health in India to improving supply chain and logistics management operations in Malawi.

About the mHealth Compendium: The mHealth Compendiums document a range of mHealth applications and include a program description, available results, lessons learned and project contacts. The compendiums serve as a comprehensive resource for implementers and donors to access information on innovative programs as well as references to other mHealth resources and tools.



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