CommCare July Update: CommCare Mobile 2.13, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile

  • AndroidInitial support for saving multimedia to the case
    • Progress Bar: each screen of questions should now display a progress bar that indicates progress through the remaining questions in the form. Counting is as follows:
    • Irrelevant questions (false display condition) don’t count towards the total.
    • Past questions are all complete.Future questions are never complete.
    • Current questions are complete only if they have an answer (or are a label). The progress bar should update as soon as you answer a question.
    • Resume application updates where they left off if a previous update failed
    • Support for Offline installation
    • Bug fix: “change language” button now works even before something is clicked in a form, and changes are reflected immediately in the settings menu
  • Improved error messaging for sync errors
  • Bug fix: display conditions on questions now work on all questions that are “minimal”


  • Support for Offline install of Android applications
  • End of form navigation: ability to control where the app navigates automatically at the end of the form. Learn More
  • Beautiful forms view: UI improvements to viewing a form submission on CommCareHQ
  • Submission/completion time filter to the form completion time report
  • Asynchronous lookup table upload: performance improvements and a handy progress bar
  • Ability to reference user-groups data in the application
  • Show pending invitations on the project dashboard
  • “Update” button for saved custom exports
  • Add “All Data” filter option to the case list report
  • Excel Importer now automatically matches column names to the case properties they match on import
  • Web users are now sorted by role on the user management page
  • Application status report improvements: show the last time the user synced, UI improvements
  • Reminders progress bar: new reminders have a progress bar to track the application of the new reminder rule to existing cases
  • Bug Fix: web users with role “read only” have tighter restrictions
  • Bug Fix: escape newlines in bulk translations



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