Improve Data Collection Efficiency with New CommCare Features

The CommCare team is excited to announce new and updated features launched in the past few weeks! We’re always working to improve your app building experience, and our updates help make CommCare an even more powerful tool for data collection and analysis.

Faster Location Search

Working with locations is now more efficient: simply enter a keyword in the search bar and the location hierarchies containing your keyword now appear. Select the location for which you’re searching, and you’re done—no need to manually navigate a Location Tree.

Email-when-ready Exports

Exports containing large amounts of project data often take time to prepare and download. We know this can impede your workflow, and we are excited to share that you can now choose to receive an email when your export is ready, rather than waiting on the download page.

On the Prepare Export page, you’ll see a new option to “Email me when ready.” Click this button and CommCare will send you an email when your export is ready for download, allowing you to work on other tasks while CommCare prepares your export.

More Zapier Actions

Our Zapier integration provides powerful flexibility to sync CommCare data with other applications. With this update, in addition to triggering Zapier actions via form submissions, you can now trigger Zapier actions when a case is created or updated.

If you’re new to Zapier, we highly recommend you check it out. Zapier’s integrations connect CommCare to hundreds of other systems like Google Sheets, SQL Databases, and more than 750 other apps.

Edit Your Case Data

Users on our Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise plans can now manually edit case information via a simple interface.

To do so, select a case from your project’s case list and you’ll see a new Data Corrections button. Selecting Data Corrections opens a modal where you can edit properties pertaining to your case.

That’s all for now! Let us know how you like these new features in the CommCare Forum, and reach out to with any questions.



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